Our Philosophy

CenterPoint Christian Academy exists primarily to assist Christian parents in fulfilling their divine responsibility to thoroughly train each child to obey God in every area of life and make him a true disciple of Jesus Christ.


The ultimate purpose of our school is to provide quality education in a Christian environment.  We understand that all truth is God’s truth and has its source in Jesus Christ (John 14:6).  Every subject, whether scientific, historical, mathematical, literal, or artistic, is taught with the consciousness that Jesus Christ is to be central in all living and learning.  Our students’ growth is a continual journey that combines rigor, relevance and relationship.


CenterPoint Christian Academy provides an environment, which encourages each student to discover his unique abilities, to develop those graces and skills demonstrated in the life of Christ, to achieve educational excellence in all disciplines, and to exercise his God-given gifts in the expanding opportunities of his Christian development. 


The ultimate purpose of man is to glorify God; therefore, we expect the staff and students to reflect His image.  A child cannot be trained in Christianity unless he has been born again.  In practical terms, God is glorified when there is an atmosphere of understanding and where there is the fruit of Christ’s Spirit constantly being cultivated (Galatians 5:22-23). Glorifying God effects one’s lifestyle, behavior, and overall attitude toward God’s authority-structure in the world.  Every guideline in this manual seeks to help the student understand what is expected of him in being consistent with what we believe to be God’s purpose.


The school views itself as an extension of the home, reinforcing the ideals, social norms, and beliefs of the Christian family.  It is, therefore, important that parents enrolling their children understand the nature and philosophy of CCA.  It is expected that parents are in agreement with the overall mission and philosophy of the school, and are dedicated to working towards a positive solution in the event that a conflict should arise.