Why consider

CenterPoint Christian Academy?




A demonstrated commitment to excellence, evidenced by high academic standards.


Children are taught to think critically and live biblically.


A caring and nurturing environment where the biblical value of respect is modeled.


Faculty committed to Christian education — State and ACSI certified, and well qualified for their positions.


A proven track record — our 30th year of training and nurturing students.


Creativity is celebrated, whether in arts or academics.


Size: We’re large enough to incorporate the co-curricular activities parents hope for, and small enough that students don’t “fall through the cracks.”


Curriculum is regularly reviewed, meticulously evaluated, and consistently improved to reflect “best practice” in education.

Christian education isn’t confined to a “religion class” — it’s biblical integration in every aspect of the curriculum.

Athletic teams are both competitive and a model of sportsmanship.

Parent involvement is welcome.